Medical articles

Women's fitness to dive

In principle, every diving medical examination follows the same basic rules. However, every "special group of divers" has their own needs and medical questions ... read more

Diving and panic

Fear and panic during diving – not only beginners are confronted with this topic. We have compiled some advice on what you can do about panic under water. ... read more

Sickle-cell anaemia

A rare condition for dive doctors, caring parents and interested divers: Sickle-cell anaemia and fitness to dive ... read more

The cone snail

Due to the colourful and interesting texture of their shells, cone snails are often a collector's item during a vacation near the ocean. ... read more

Oxygen – both medicine and poison

There is no human or animal life without oxygen. Most organisms, including humans and plants, as well as many bacteria need oxygen ... read more

Breath on, always good air

For us divers, the lung is of course one of the most important organs. A diver's lung should therefore be thoroughly examined during a fitness to dive examination ... read more

Egypt travel guide

Every diver has a few dive destinations that make a lasting impression. Egypt is definitely one of those destinations. Travel time from Europe, good weather and amazing dive spots ... read more

Are you fit to dive?

Diving is becoming increasingly popular and has recently experienced not only quantitative but also a considerable qualitative change. ... read more

Decompression sickness

Even though diving accidents are thankfully very rare, it is important to know the factors that contribute to them occurring. ... read more

Pulmonary Barotrauma

The HMC Sharm el Sheikh has treated hundreds of diving accidents over the years yet, compared to cases of decompression sickness ... read more