Questions about the contract

Who can apply for an aqua med dive card?

Anyone with a residence in the EU, in Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the United Kingdom. Indicating your country of residence is crucial for the validity of the foreign travel health insurance, since it is only valid in countries outside of the one you reside in. Should you move to a country outside of the EU, of Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the United Kingdom during your contract period, the contract will no longer be valid.


In which countries are the services of the dive card valid?

The services included in the dive card, medical as well as insurance services, are valid worldwide.


How can you apply for a dive card?

By clicking on "apply for it online" on our homepage or via e-mail or fax after having filled out the application form from your diving school / association.


As of when is the contract valid?

Your application takes effect as soon as we receive it back signed by you or in the moment you fill out an online application. This means you can decide to go diving on the spur of the moment, and can immediately claim for benefits! Even if you have not yet received your red card by post you can always ask for a contract confirmation by e-mail for/during your holidays right away. If you wish for the contract to start later, please state this on the application.


How can I terminate the contract?

You can terminate the dive card contract in writing by e-mail, post or fax or by using the button below. It is not possible that third parties terminate the contract for you, since a notice of termination has to come from the contract holder.
We would appreciate you telling us the reason for your termination. We want our customers to be satisfied with our services at all times, which is why we are always happy to receive suggestions or constructive criticism.

If your contract was concluded before 01 March 2022, you can terminate your contract at the end of the current contract period. We have to receive the notice of termination at least 14 days prior to the end of the current validity period.

If your contract was concluded on or after 01 March 2022, you can terminate your contract at any time with a notice period of one month after the first contract year.


How can you revoke the contract?

You have the right to revoke this contract in writing (by post, fax or e-mail) without having to give any reasons. The revocation period is 14 days from the date on which you have received the revocation information. You can also use our sample revocation form.

Please note: If you select an immediate contract start or one within the period of revocation, you thereby waive your right of revocation.


What different cards are there?

The dive card basic for sports and leisure divers.

The dive card professional for professional divers including diving instructors' professional liability insurance as well as the diving accident protection Student Protect.

The dive card family for the whole family (max. 2 partners and 2 children under 21 years who live in the same household).

The travel card for non-diving family members and partners in addition to the dive card (max. 1 partner and
2 children under 21 years who live in the same household).

For more detailed information, click here.


How can you prove the validity of the contract without a date of validity on the card?

There is no date of validity printed on the dive card, which means it can be used within the scope of the contract for as long as you like. This way, we spare both the environment and us a large amount of plastic waste every year as well unnecessary costs. If you need to provide evidence of the fact that your dive card is valid, you can download your current contract confirmation from the customer portal at any time. After logging in, you can switch the language by clicking on the respective flag in the right-hand corner.

If your dive card is worn, damaged or looks shabby, you can of course request a new one from us free of charge.