Professional liability insurance

Are you a diving instructor and want to cover your family with the dive card as well?

Then simply combine the dive card family (€ 130) + professional liability insurance (€ 100), together for only 230  per year!
With this combination, your entire family* is covered the best way possible when travelling or diving and you as a diving instructor additionally have the necessary diving instructors liability insurance.

* max. 2 partners and 2 children under 21 (in a joint household)

Is one of your family members a diving instructor?

Then simply combine the dive card family (€ 130) + for example two professional liability insurances (each € 100), together for only € 330 per year

How do I apply for the dive card family with professional liability insurance?

For this offer please use the dive card application form and check the boxes in front of "dive card family" as well as "dive card professional". Then mark the names of those who need the professional liability insurance with an asterisk.