The dive card itself is a waterproof, signal red card you can attach to your equipment with the ready-made hole punching.

All aqua med dive cards include comprehensive overseas health insurance together with diving accident insurance from our insurance partner ACE European Group Limited/ACE Versicherungen (Schweiz) AG.

Dive card professional customers are offered additional diving instructors liability insurance via R+V Versicherung AG/UNIQA Versicherung AG.

Whether you dive for pleasure or whether diving is your profession, aqua med is sure to have the right card for you:

Then there are the travel cards for all non-diving partners or travellers.

Sums insured in overview:

Medical insurance when travelling abroad unlimited worldwide
Ambulance and repatriation expenses unlimited worldwide
Search, rescue or recovery operations 10,000.– €
In addition to diving activities:
Hyperbaric chamber therapy unlimited worldwide
Other medical costs (home country) 15,000.– €
Invalidity max. 56,250.– €
Benefit in the event of death 5,000.– €
Personal liability insurance for divers150,000.– €
Liability insurance for diving instructors (only dive card professional) 3,500,000.– €

The insurance benefits offered by the dive card are a supplementary insurance. They do not replace your own health/accident insurance. Your first call should be on the benefits of your own national healthcare system. In European countries, use of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is strongly recommended. For more far-reaching benefits claims on our insurance partners, aqua med must be notified in advance.